PPK's Spinner Hoochie Ultraviolet Green

The PPK's Spinner Hoochie Ultraviolet lure has an unique hook design.  The VMC frog hook is attached to a swivel and the swivel is attached to a 15 pound Floroclear leader. When a fish is caught the swivel allows the fish to spin freely of the hoochie and line.  Fish unlike humans, can see into the vltraviolet wavelength and UV lures create a sparkle that fish can spot from a greater distacne and depth. The Foilistic Willowleaf spinner blade spins at a 25 degree angle and reates a lot of flash and a unique sound. Attach you favorite bait or kernals of corn to each hook then troll alone or behind a Sling Blade, dodger or trolling blades. 

PPK's Spinner Hoochie Ultraviolet Green
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