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PPK’s Tomahawk Black Sparkle



The PPK’s Tomahawk has two hooks attached to a 15 pound P-Line Floroclear leader. The hooks are VMC Vanadium Fast Grip Octopus. This hook has three micro-barbs on the hooks point which make it had for a fish to get off in a struggle or even when the line goes slack. The front hook is tied on with an egg loop knot which allows you to add yarn or Flashabou to the hook.

The Tomahawk Blade spins at a 40 degree angle and its unique shape creates a different vibration than standard blades.The eye on blade draws the strike. Predators key on the eyes of its lprey. Locating the prey’s eyes allow the predator to sneak up on the fish from the back side.

Designed to be trolled by its self or behind a Sling Blade, Dodger or trolling blades.


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